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Turnspit Dog: Bred to Work in the Kitchen

Yorkie Doodle Dandy: World War II Dog Hero

Soviet Dogs: From the Streets to Outer Space

Puffin Dog: A Very Unique Dog Breed

Sled Dog Heroes: The 1925 Serum Run

Bobbie the Wonder Dog: Walks 2,500 Miles

Satan: World War I Messenger Dog Hero

Rin Tin Tin: From War Dog to Film Star

Saluki: The World's Oldest Dog Breed

Dog Passengers on the Titanic

Judy: Prisoner of War Dog Hero

St. Bernards: Famous Search and Rescue Dogs

Sergeant Stubby: World War I Dog Hero

Xoloitzcuintli: The Holy Dog

Petey: The Little Rascals Dog

The Legend of Greyfriars Bobby

Vietnam War Dogs: Heroes Left Behind

Hawaiian Poi Dog: A Protector and a Delicacy

Bud: The First Dog to Cross the US by Car

King Buck: From Sick Pup to National Champ

Owney: The Postal Dog Who Traveled the World

Sallie Ann: Civil War Dog Hero

Fido: Waits at Bus Stop for Master's Return

Fala: FDR's Favorite Dog

Ratters: War Dogs in the Trenches

Barnaby, Burgho and Jack the Ripper

Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog in America

Dalmatians: Famous Firehouse Dogs

Patsy Ann: Juneau's Official Greeter

Red Cross Dogs: Saving Lives on the Battlefield

Heidi: Eisenhower's Grey Ghost

Cigarette Dogs: Delivering Free Smokes

Hachiko: Japan's Most Loyal Dog

Huddersfield Ben: Champion Show Dog

Police Dog Befriends Martin Luther King Jr.

Jack Brutus: Spanish-American War Mascot

The Dog of Pompeii: Immortalized in Plaster

Nemo: One of the Few Vietnam War Dogs to Return Home

Seaman: Dog of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Pep: Therapy Dog Falsely Accused of Murder

Cute Dog Photos by Harry Whittier Frees

Heroic Parachuting Dogs of D-Day

Sheila: Only Non-Military Dog to Receive Dickin Medal

Pushinka: JFK's Soviet Dog

Wallace: The Dog Who Wanted to Be a Fire Dog

Blair: The First Canine Film Star

Anti-Tank Dogs: Sent on Suicide Missions

Nig: The Hoover Dam Mascot

Dogs in Ancient Warfare

Hiroshima: Photograph of a Boy and His Dog

Woolly Dogs: Bred for Their Fur

Bob: The Dog Who Loved Trains

Sinbad: A Coast Guard Mascot Who Liked to Have Fun

Bummer and Lazarus: San Francisco's Dogs

Jack: Civil War Dog Hero and POW

Rajah: Methven's Wonder Dog

Kaiser: 1st Vietnam War Dog to Die in Action

Antis: WWII Dog Hero Who Took to the Skies

Pickles: 1966 World Cup Champion

Dogs Powering Tricycles

Pete: Teddy Roosevelt's Nippy Dog

Blondi: Hitler's Dog

Dogs Help Discover Insulin

Rags: From Stray Dog to War Hero

Lazarus: Brought Back From the Dead

Strongheart: The First Major Canine Film Star

Bob: Helped Troops During the Boer War

Gander: Canada's Black Beast

Jim: Champion Dog With Remarkable Powers

Dog and Sheep Survive After Rancher's Death

Pal: The First Lassie

Hairy Man: Swims Through Raging Waters to Save Lives

Dogs Powering Sewing Machines

Lazarus, the Rich Man and the Compassionate Dogs

Handsome Dan: Yale's Famous Mascot

Hurricane Katrina: Benefits Dogs and Other Pets

Robot: Discovers Lascaux Cave Paintings

Fido: Lincoln's Beloved 'Yaller' Dog

Shep: Montana's Faithful Dog

9/11 Dog Heroes

Helen Keller's Faithful Dogs

Igloo: American Polar Explorer

Lizzie Borden's Three Boston Terriers

Dogs on the Hindenburg

Dog Helps the War Effort

Bamse: Norwegian Sea Dog

St. Roch, The Patron Saint of Dogs

Yuki: LBJ's Favorite Dog

Alaska Dog Team at Mount Rainier Park

Gompo: Nelson Mandela's Dog

Dzhulbars: Soviet Sniffer Dog

Two Bits: Survived Falling 600 Feet - Twice!

Waghya: Sacrificed Himself to Be With His Dead Master

Chips: Decorated War Hero

Laddie: Collected Money to Help Orphans

Swansea Jack: Canine Lifeguard

Bum: Belonged to No One but Loved by Everyone

Just Nuisance: Simon's Town Mascot

Feller: Truman's Unwanted Dog

Beautiful Joe: Inspires Kindness Towards Animals

Paddy the Wanderer

Jean: The First Canine Film Star in the US

Bellybutton: Deep Diving Dog

Shavka and Brodyaga: The Two-Headed Dog

Calico Dorsey: The Miners Mail Dog

Jeff: Died Doing What He Loved to Do

Romey: Johnstown Flood Hero

Tubby: Tacoma Bridge Disaster's Only Fatality

Taro and Jiro: Antarctica's Survivors

Harvey: Civil War's Barking Dog

Laddie Boy: Harding's Popular Dog

James Ferocious: Amelia Earhart's Childhood Dog

Cairo: Part of Navy SEAL Team that Killed Osama bin Laden

Pompey: The Dog Who Saved William the Silent's Life

Brownie: Daytona Beach's Town Dog

Shep: The Denver-Boulder Turnpike Dog

Bluey: Holds the Record as the Oldest Dog in the World

Higgins: From Shelter Dog to Beloved Benji

Seven Honored Dogs Who Saved Lives From the Blitz Bombings

Family Dog Mourns Children

Diamond: Isaac Newton's Favorite Dog Delays His Work

Man Helps Dog

Jiggs: First USMC Mascot

Moustache: A French Poodle Who Served in Two Wars

Turko: Accused and Executed for Biting the Crown Prince

Terry: Best Known as Toto

Sam: The Shaggy Dog

Stickeen: Explored Alaska with John Muir

Dash: Queen Victoria's Closest Childhood Companion

Grigio: Father Bosco's Guardian Angel

London: The Littlest Hobo

Uga: Georgia's Bulldog