Dog and Sheep Survive After Rancher's Death

In the late 1800s, a herding dog survived on his own and continued tending a flock of sheep after his master's death.

In the 1870s, a rancher who lived in a remote area in New Mexico passed away. Apparently it was just him, his dog and his flock of sheep. For two years, until the rancher's body was discovered by visitors, the dog (name and type of dog are unknown) continued to tend to the sheep. His job was to guide the flock of sheep to the pasture every morning to graze, guard them, and return them back to the ranch before the end of the day. It is said the sheep were well taken care of, and the number of sheep actually increased, despite the dog having to kill some as a food source to keep himself alive. It's reported that the dog was awarded a pension by the New Mexico legislature in 1879 for his dedication and hard work.