James Ferocious: Amelia Earhart's Childhood Dog

It was because of James Ferocious that Amelia Earhart found the courage to become the first woman in history to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

James Ferocious, a large black dog, loved Amelia but was not friendly with strangers. Therefore, the dog was kept tied to a shed when outside. One day, some neighborhood boys passing by the dog decided to tease him. James Ferocious was not happy with the teasing. He broke free from his chain and took after them. The frightened boys climbed atop the shed for safety.

Six year old Amelia, who was awakened from her afternoon nap by the screams from the boys and the loud barking from her dog, took charge of the situation. She ran outside, reached out to her enraged dog, and in a firm but loving voice said "James Ferocious, you naughty dog. You tipped over your water dish again." She then patted her dog and led him into the kitchen.

Later Amelia's mother asked her if she was scared with what happened. Amelia replied "There wasn't any time to be afraid." Amelia showed at that early age, despite James Ferocious being her loving dog, she was able to deal with a scary situation.

Amelia Earhart accomplished much in her life, but unfortunately disappeared on a round the world flight over the central Pacific Ocean in 1937 at the age of 39.